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Ten reasons to partner with ChemCon

1. Small- to medium-scale batches perfectly suited for

  • clinical studies
  • commercial applications with a low annual demand

2. Exceptionally broad variety of chemical an engineering expertise

  • organic small molecules
  • inorganic chemistry
  • polymer chemistry
  • purification and derivatization of natural products
  • handling of highly potent, cytotoxic, and controlled substances
  • analytical chemistry
  • process engineering
  • design or modification of dedicated equipment

3. Specifications and level of documentation as required

  • technical-grade material
  • ultrapure fine chemicals
  • cGMP-compliant material
  • injection, ophthalmic, topic, or oral grade 

4. cGMP for

  • APIs
  • excipients
  • delivery agents
  • provocation substances
  • diagnostics
  • dietary trace elements 

5. Customized response to your inquiry

  • detailed, tailor-made offers are flexibly adjusted to your requirements
  • transparent overview over expected timelines and costs
  • face-to-face fine-tuning of proposals, for example combined with a visit to our facilities, at your site, or over the phone 

6. Development modules and a close partnership keep your project flexible

  • chronological development modules can be ordered subsequently
  • adjustments to the modules are possible at any stage of the process
  • a designated project manager will be your personal contact throughout your project
  • weekly project reports give you the opportunity to discuss potential challenges immediately, and you benefit from a transparent, cost- and time-efficient progress

7. Analytical services: Our in-house analytical team will not just carry out standard quality control. They will

  • inform you immediately about any abnormalities
  • advise you on the choice of analytical methods and their validation
  • help you to cover regulatory necessities without avoidable expenses

8. cGMP Quality assurance includes help and advice regarding regulatory affairs

  • cGMP compliance from the sourcing of the starting material to the correct regulated shipment
  • regulatory advice regarding the recent increase in regulatory pressure on the supply chain
  • comprehensive cGMP documentation: ASMFs, DMFs, and master documents such as batch records, cleaning records, validation documentation, release protocols, labelling records, certificates of analysis, and certificates of conformity
  • support filing regional dossiers (DMFs, ASMFs) or filing on your behalf

9. Health, safety, and environment

  • ChemCon meets or exceeds all legislative requirements for health, safety, and waste disposal
  • track record of handling highly active pharmaceutical ingredients safely

10. No conflict of interest

  • ChemCon is privately owned, independent, and not affiliated with any pharmaceutical company
  • any intellectual property generated during your project will be your intellectual property

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