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Tackling new challenges for our customers

Development of cGMP Trace Elements

Traditionally, ChemCon’s core expertise lies in the cGMP process development, production, and analysis of classic organic small-molecule APIs and inorganic APIs. However, regulatory authorities continue to raise the standards for medical applications, and not only active ingredients but also excipients, trace elements, or polymers are increasingly regulated. Our team is prepared to tackle these new challenges for our customers: Building upon our long-term experience with inorganic APIs, we have recently taken up the process development for variety of GMP trace elements. In addition, we have extended our interdisciplinary team of experienced chemists with polymer experts and offer polymer chemistry to full cGMP standards. Recent polymer projects include, for example, the purification and derivatization of natural polymers to obtain GMP material as well as the cleanroom production of synthetic polymers and/or monomeric starting materials.


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