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Chemical Synthesis Development and Scale-up

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Passionate chemists await your challenges

The starting point of ChemCon’s services depends on the advancement of your project: ChemCon takes on projects anywhere between developing a synthetic route from scratch to adapting your technical package for immediate process validation and manufacturing. We are convinced that a close partnership will pave the way for the fastest success of your project and set great store on open and regular communication. Make use of the broad scientific know-how of our interdisciplinary team of chemists and chemical engineers to find the best customized solutions for your project.

Sign a CDA with us!*

To ensure an efficient and goal-oriented development progress, all our scientists are coached in project management skills. All intellectual property (IP) remains with you.

A very special customer service is provided by our in-house technical team: To optimize your process efficiently, our experienced technicians design or modify production equipment to the specific requirements of your process. This service saves time and money and makes the process safer. 

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Step 1: Your preclinical material

  • literature research and technology transfer
  • route scouting and process optimization
  • synthesis of key starting materials
  • efficient scale-up from milligram to multiple kilograms
  • development and establishment of analytical methods in-house

Step 2: First cGMP material ▶


*CDA: confidential disclosure agreement

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