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ChemCon's Services for Generic APIs

Generic APIs produced by ChemCon are used worldwide as material for the registration process and subsequently as commercial drug substances. Applications are, for example, oncology, ophthalmology, and emergency or postoperative care.

Although unusual in the generics business, we have deliberately decided against a product catalogue. Instead, our scientists will develop a process for the particular generic compound you require. The reason is our focus on niche products with a low annual demand in top cGMP quality that are otherwise difficult to source. Our team is always prepared to take on generics that have not been part of our portfolio in the past. Beside APIs, ChemCon also produces advanced excipients, delivery agents, provocation substances, or dietary supplements (trace elements) to cGMP standards.

For more information on process development and commercial supply, please refer to Transfer to cGMP and Commercial API Manufacturing.


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