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Analytical Services

For two decades, ChemCon has been a reliable service partner for innovative development, manufacturing, and analytical solutions in the field of small-molecule APIs and ultrapure fine chemicals. Until recently, our comprehensive analytical services were exclusive to customers of our products. We are now offering external analytical services, independently from development or manufacturing services.

Our experience with pharmaceutical requirements and our broad chemical knowledge of small organic molecules, inorganic substances, and polymers allow our analytical team to collaborate with you on tailor-made solutions and analytical packages. Project-based evaluations of the most suitable techniques and methods of detection as well as early indications of unexpected results ensure a transparent and efficient progress.

Comprehensive in-house regulatory support helps you to meet or exceed current regulatory demands whilst avoiding unnecessary expenses. Our state-of-the-art equipment is fully cGMP qualified and you will receive full cGMP documentation and release certificates as required.

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ChemCon' s comprehensive analytical service packages include:

    • routine characterizations as part of quality and identity control
    • impurity profiles, quantification, isolation and synthesis of impurities
    • tailor-made tests for specific requirements
    • analytical method development and validation
    • analysis according to current monographs (e.g., Ph. Eur., USP) •
    • microbiological tests as part of cleanroom monitoring
    • synthesis, purification, characterization, and qualification of reference standards
    • comprehensive cGMP documents and release certificates (according to your requirements)

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