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Production Facilities

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Flexible state-of-the-art production equipment

Depending on your project we work with dedicated or multipurpose equipment. The decision which strategy is more cost-efficient will be made together with you on a project-by-project base.

From our experience, dedicated equipment is particularly suitable for small-scale projects: The costs for the equipment are often significantly lower than for laborious cleaning validations. Cross-contamination is excluded, as all equipment with product contact is dedicated to one project. The photograph above shows a dedicated flask, engraved by hand with the project and equipment number. Especially for dedicated equipment, our technical team can help to save money and to make the process safer, by modifying equipment specifically for your project.

For larger batches, multipurpose equipment may be used. Cross-contamination is excluded by comprehensive cleaning procedures and subsequent cleaning validations.

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ChemCon's equipment includes:

  • reactors up to 400 L
  • pressure reactors up to 100 bar
  • temperature range from –90 °C to +200 °C
  • freeze dryers
  • distillation equipment
  • filtration equipment
  • centrifuges
  • milling equipment
  • chromatographic separation equipment
  • vacuum drying ovens
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