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Deutsche Bundesbank grants ChemCon the „Testat Notenbankfähigkeit“ again

In addition to the high level of innovation, good market penetration, excellent product quality and economic efficiency, companies are of course also judged on their financial position. In addition to the classic financial ratios, companies are classified in terms of creditworthiness.

Like rating agencies that carry out such a rating, the Deutsche Bundesbank also carries out creditworthiness analysis procedures. The financial situation of the companies is analyzed in a two-stage assessment process (bonitaetsanalyse-kurzuebersicht-data.pdf) In April 2017, ChemCon GmbH was given the "Testat Notenbankfähigkeit" from the Deutsche Bundesbank. This attestation has now been renewed and ChemCon GmbH has confirmed that it has the status of "Testat Notenbankfähigkeit". With this, ChemCon GmbH shows its financially secure position and reliability, not only on a technical level.

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