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Chemical synthesis and process development

From route scouting via scale-up to technical batches

ChemCon’s chemists are your contact

The starting point of ChemCon’s services depends on the advancement of your project: ChemCon takes on projects anywhere between developing a synthetic route from scratch to adapting your technical package for immediate process validation and manufacturing. We are convinced that a close partnership will pave the way for the fastest success of your project. Open and regular communication are one of our most valued attributes. Make use of the broad scientific know-how of our interdisciplinary team of chemists and chemical engineers to find the best customized solutions for your project. We are happy to enter a confidentiality / non-disclosure (CDA / NDA) agreement with you to start your project.

Request a nDA

All intellectual property (IP) remains with you, if not stipulated by contract differently.

Technical and preclinical material

Literature research and technology transfer
Synthesis of key starting material
Route scouting and process optimization
Efficient scale-up from milligram to multiple kilograms
Development and establishment of analytical methods in-house

We support you with regulatory expertise

Chemistry transferred to GMP

The transfer of chemical processes to fully GMP compliant manufacturing is a challenge that requires up-to-date regulatory and technical expertise, a state-of-the-art infrastructure. ChemCon specializes in the seamless transition of your project from synthesis development and scale up to GMP-compliant production.

Beyond the course of your project in the lab, we can advise you in any related matter at any time, may it be of regulatory significance or concerning the selection and validation of the correct analytical methods. All steps of method development are documented.

First GMP material for clinical trials or registration

Vendor qualification for GMP starting material
Process scale-up to your requirements
Seamless process transfer from R&D to GMP
Production campaigns on a gram to multi-kilogram scale
Preparation of all required GMP documents
In-house validation of analytical methods
Release packages
Regulatory support