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Laboratories and equipment

Cleanroom class 100.000 and research lab

Production facility in Freiburg, Germany

ChemCon facilitates two modern research laboratories for synthesis and process development as well as technical batches and fine chemicals. The lab is equipped with a reaction calorimeter.

Four cleanrooms class 100.000 are available for the production of APIs to current GMP guidelines. The labs are equipped with flexible, mobile production apparatuses on a project-by-project base.

Depending on the projects, we work with dedicated or multipurpose equipment. Dedicated equipment is particularly suitable for small-scale projects, while for larger batches, multipurpose equipment may be used. Exclusion of cross-contamination risks in case of multipurpose equipment is assured via comprehensive cleaning procedures and cleaning validation.

On a project-by-project base and together with the customer, we decide which strategy works best.

Dedicated equipment

“Dedicated equipment” is ChemCon's special production concept to process various different projects without contamination issues. Cross-contamination is excluded, as all equipment with product contact is dedicated to one project.
The concept is particularly attractive for small batches, where the costs of a cleaning validation exceeds the cost of glassware. The background photograph shows a dedicated flask, engraved by hand with the project and equipment number. Especially for dedicated equipment, our technical team can help to save money and to make the process safer, by modifying equipment specifically for your project.
In 2009, ChemCon won the STEP-award for its dedicated equipment strategy.

Production equipment

Batch reaction systems:
  • Several pressure reactors 0.5 L / 100 bar to 400 L / 6 bar
  • Several reactors up to 400 L
  • Temperature range from -60 °C to +180 °C
  • Reaction calorimeter: RC1 (determination of safety parameters for scale-up work)


Continuous reaction systems:
  • Continuous reaction system (Micro Reactions System MMRS)


Mechanial separation
  • Nutsche filter (Buechner funnel)
  • Sedimentation: centrifuges
  • Filtration: several filter presses, suction filters etc.
  • Centrifugation: filter centrifuge
  • Sieving: sieves for different particle sizes
  • Mixing: static mixers, dispersers
Thermic separation processes:
  • Absorption: gas scrubber for exhaust gas cleaning etc.
  • Extraction: several liquid/liquid extractors
  • Adsorption: activated carbon column (separation of impurities)
  • Cristallization: batch processing and continuous
  • Sublimation: sublimation reactor
  • Drying: vacuum conical dryer, (vacuum)-drying cabinets, freeze dryer (lyophilizer)
  • Chromatography: flash-chromatography
  • Distillation: several distillation apparatuses


Membrane separation processes:
  • Pressure membrane process: reverse osmosis, nanofiltration, ultrafiltration


Mechanical reprocessing:
  • Milling: mills (0.5-5 mm)

Not all equipment required for your process is listed? No problem! This is only a selection and project specific additions are always an option.

Some of the above-listed apparatuses are dedicated. We are happy to discuss the best choice of equipment for your project directly with you.

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