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In recent years, polymers have become increasingly important in the field of drug formulation. Polyoxazolines form a versatile platform. They are customizable and can therefore be used for many applications. In the field of medicine, however, these polymers are required in pharmaceutical quality. ChemCon is able to produce individual polyoxazolines under GMP. Some applications of the polymers we produce include:

  • Targeted transport of concentrated active ingredients to the intended tissue
  • Delivery of active ingredients over a longer period of time
  • Stimulus-responsive smart materials

POx at Chemcon

For many years, polymer chemistry has been a discipline in which ChemCon has gained experience. Our polymer chemists are experts in their field and can work with you to synthesize a polymer according to your requirements. In the field of polyoxazolines and polyethyleneimines, we are one of the few companies able to carry out syntheses under GMP conditions. This makes our polymers suitable for pharmaceutical applications. The product can be customized for your application. One of the advantages you have with ChemCon is the constant exchange from the development phase to GMP synthesis. We are the right partner for your project because:

We love Chemistry!


Various residual groups make Polyoxazolines extremely flexible. We realize the right residual group for your application.

We can also adjust chain length, molecular weight distribution, degree of substitution, end groups and more.


The polymer is synthesized by cationic ring-opening polymerization starting from a 2-alkyl-2-oxazoline monomer. The reaction is initiated by alkylation with e.g. alkyl tosylate or triflates (X). A further oxazoline now nucleophilically attacks the alkylated oxazoline, which leads to ring opening at the C-O bond and thus isomerization. Through this process the polymer chain is continued. Tosylate acts as a counterion. The polymer continues to grow until the addition of a nucleophilic termination reagent, e.g. secondary amines, water or primary alcohols (Y). The various properties can be controlled by varying the alkylation reagent, termination reagent and the alkyls on the monomer.


Drugs formulated using polyoxazolines can maintain delivery of the active ingredient over a longer period of time. The polymer allows a higher dose of active ingredient per administered unit. Due to the properties of the polymer, it is possible to release the higher amount of active ingredient over a longer period of time in a controlled manner. High customizability makes it possible to adjust the water solubility and other properties of the polymer for the application.

Binding of a drug or protein to POx has a positive effect on the performance of the drug. The proteins retain up to 90% of their activity despite binding to the polymer. In addition, uptake into the cells is increased up to six times. And the duration of action of APIs can be up to four times as long. This is made possible by the various properties that can be given to the polymer. Size, water solubility and thermal stability are properties that can be modified in the polymer. And this can also prevent uptake into non-target cells or organs.

Polyoxazolines can be combined with nanoparticles. These nanoparticles are able to combine several functional groups and different optical, electrical, thermal and magnetic properties. The polymers on the nanoparticles prevent rapid degradation and provide a scaffold for other compounds. With thermoreactive properties of POx, smart nanoparticles can be formed that can be triggered by external stimuli.

Polymer analytic

Our equipment includes a whole range of validated analytical methods. This enables us to carry out a large proportion of the analytical measurements required for characterization directly on our premises.

Our equipment includes:

  • GPC
  • GPLC
  • IR
  • NMR
  • and much more.


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