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ChemCon's Services and Products

API Manufacturing
DIN A4: 2.14 MB US Letter: 2.15 MB
Analytical Services
DIN A4: 1.37 MB US Letter: 1.38 MB
Cytotoxics & HPAPIs
DIN A4: 215.30 KB US Letter: 216.15 KB
Generic APIs
DIN A4: 246.06 KB US Letter: 251.42 KB
GMP Polymers
DIN A4: 191.47 KB US Letter: 193.10 KB
Inorganic APIs
DIN A4: 249.80 KB US Letter: 263.37 KB
Fine Chemicals
DIN A4: 244.44 KB US Letter: 244.54 KB
DIN A4: 187.09 KB US Letter: 190.22 KB