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ChemCon's Services and Products


Here you find our current flyer and brochures for downloading

API Manufacturing & Analytical Service
World(engl.): 4.50 MB
ChemCon PEI and POx Polymers
DIN A4 (ENGL.): 1.54 MB
ChemCon Company Brochure API Manufacturing
API Manufacturing
DIN A4: 2.17 MB US Letter: 2.19 MB
ChemCon Company Brochure Analytical Services
Analytical Services
DIN A4: 1.37 MB US Letter: 1.38 MB
ChemCon Company Brochure HPAPI and cytotoxic APIs
Cytotoxics & HPAPIs
DIN A4: 215.30 KB US Letter: 216.15 KB
ChemCon Company Brochure Generic APIs
Generic APIs
DIN A4: 246.06 KB US Letter: 251.42 KB
ChemCon Company Brochure GMP Polymers
GMP Polymers
DIN A4: 191.47 KB US Letter: 193.10 KB
ChemCon Company Brochure Inorganic APIs US-Letter
Inorganic APIs
DIN A4: 249.80 KB US Letter: 263.37 KB
ChemCon Company Brochure Specialty Chemicals
Fine Chemicals
DIN A4: 244.44 KB US Letter: 244.54 KB
ChemCon Company Brochure Product Examples
DIN A4: 241.60 KB US Letter: 244.55 KB

Support for journalistic publications

Press Release

For publication purposes you will find here our logo, official photos and information about the company ChemCon GmbH.

ChemCon Logo
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Press release: The new cleanroom facility is now operational
DIN A4: 162.20 KB
Dr. Raphael Vogler
Dr. Raphael Vogler (CEO & President)
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Three neck flask containing a few drops of methylene blue in water
CDMO - Contract Developement and Synthesis
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[Translate to Englisch:] GMP quality control with gas chromatography
ChemCon Analytic Services GMP
JPG-File: 1.15 MB
Quality control with ion chromatography
ChemCon analytical services method development
JPF-File: 1.03 MB
ChemCon Headquarter Freiburg, Germany
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Press Release: 25 years ChemCon
DIN A4: 35.07 KB