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Reference standards with certificate of analysis (CoA)

Chemical synthesis and qualification

Certified reference standards

Qualified reference standards are essential for many quality control methods. If you require standards that are not readily available, we can both synthesize and/or qualify reference standards for your substances: ChemCon combines the expertise and facilities of an analytical service provider with those of an experienced custom synthesis development and manufacturing organization (CDMO).

During the production of reference standards you will benefit from the broad expertise of our contract synthesis department: Our experienced chemists can also handle cytotoxic substances or controlled substances.

ChemCon’s analytical staff takes care of the comprehensive analysis and qualification of your required compound as a reference standard. We can qualify both commercially available samples and compounds that have been synthesized in-house.

Reference standards in top quality

Identification of side products and impurities
Isolation, purification or enrichment of impurities or side products
Synthesis development to produce reference standards
Comprehensive analysis and qualification
Qualification or commercial substances as reference standards
Complete documentation
Certificate of analysis, CoA

Reference standard inquiry