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GMP-Inspection by RP Tübingen

ChemCon has been working according to GMP regulations for many years.

Designated authorities, who inspect active ingredient producers on a regular basis, carry out the verification of whether a company produces in accordance with GMP.

This year the Regional Council of Tübingen, as the responsible authority, carried out the inspection of GMP conformity at ChemCon GmbH for the 14th time since the company’s foundation. During the three-day inspection, which was carried out by two inspectors, compliance with GMP regulations could be demonstrated for the production of 22 active ingredients. ChemCon Analytik was also confirmed in its GMP-compliant mode of operation.

ChemCon is proud that this inspection, as in the past, was completed without any significant complaints. This demonstrates the professionalism of the company and its employees in the international pharmaceutical market.

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