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Polymers according to GMP for the Pharma Industry

ChemCon Polymers

Polyethylenimines (PEI) and Polyethylenoxazolines (PEOx) according to GMP

Very interesting classes of substances in chemistry and pharmacy are polyethyleneimines (PEI), formally synthesized from the polymerization of aziridine, and polyethylenoxazolines (PEOx), which can be prepared by polymerization of substituted ethyloxazolines.

Depending on the chain length (n), the degree of crosslinking and the inserted functional groups (R, R1 and R2), these polymers can cover a wide range of functionalities.

In aqueous solution, they exist as cationic polymers and can therefore interact with negatively charged surfaces. This makes PEIs and PEOxs valuable auxiliaries in numerous technical applications in a wide variety of fields.

In the pharmaceutical industry, they can be used as reagents for the separation of nucleic acids and, if necessary, strongly acidic proteins. PEIs are also used as transfection agents.

At ChemCon, we have been interested in the controlled preparation possibilities and the associated analysis of polyethylene imines and polyethylene oxazolines under GMP conditions for several years. Thus, it is an important concern for us to make available to our partners our development and production experience with, among other things, the production of a wide variety of polyethyleneimines and polyethyleneoxazolines within the framework of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

Schematic representation of polyethylenoxazolines)

Schematic representation of polyethylenoxazolines