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Combining education and research - Cooperation in the education of young people in exchange with France

Two young people from the École supérieure de chimie, physique, électronique de Lyon (CPE Lyon) experienced this adventure for a year at ChemCon GmbH in Freiburg. The chemistry studies at the CPE Lyon include a one-year industrial internship abroad, which the two prospective chemists completed at ChemCon GmbH in Freiburg.
For Paul, whose research work was in the field of chemical synthesis (CDMO division), and Nicolas, who was supported by our analytical team, this exciting year has now come to an end.
The ChemCon GmbH team looks back on a great year in which they were able to get to know Paul and Nicolas.
ChemCon's location in the border triangle, with France and Switzerland as neighbours, facilitates the intercultural exchange of knowledge and research.
As a member of the BioValley Association, ChemCon is also a representative example of cooperation across regional borders.
But also pupils from Freiburg have the opportunity to do an internship at ChemCon GmbH. Every six months, we offer two students interested in science one-week internships (BOGY or BORS).



CPE Lyon students say goodbye to ChemCon GmbH

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