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How an idea led to a successful company

Health issues were close to Raphael Vogler's heart even as a student. As early as his diploma thesis, he was working on metal-containing biomolecules. This gave rise to the idea of combining inorganic and organic chemistry and producing metal-containing active ingredients. So the start-up duo Vogler and Gockel considered using their expertise in highly effective bioinorganic active ingredients for rare, life-saving specialty compouds.
The first order for production came just six months after the company was founded: An active ingredient containing precious metals for a drug to treat lung and prostate cancer. A clean room was built, and the first production assistants were hired.
Today, ChemCon counts 125 employees and produces active ingredients for medicines on behalf of around 300 customers on a good 5,500 square meters - and offers consulting on all aspects of production.

Read the complete interview here: aktiv business magazine (only available in German)

CEO Dr. Raphael Vogler

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